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Willam A., Fast, H., Ringdorfer, F..
(1994): Objektive Schätzung des Magerfleischanteils von Lämmerschlachtkörpern am Schlachtband.
Archiv für Tierzucht, 37, 651-658

The intention of the presented paper was to find useful formulas for reliable estimation of lean meat content in lamb carcasses at the slaughter line. 90 lambs of different breeds and crossbreeds fattened on commercial farms were slaughtered and several carcass traits were measured. Leg, lion, rib, neck and shoulder of the right half were dissected completely to find the lean meat content. Various estimation models were compared with emphasis on easily measurable carcass traits. It could be shown that kidney/pelvic fat can be substituted for sex effect without loss of estimation accuracy. Some combinations of carcass traits are useful for estimation of lean meat content with satisfying accuracy. A combination of objective estimation of lean meat content and subjective assessed fatness classes is suggested for pricing system.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Willam Alfons

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