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Tscheliessnig, A; Satzer, P; Hammerschmidt, N; Schulz, H; Helk, B; Jungbauer, A.
(2014): Ethanol precipitation for purification of recombinant antibodies
J BIOTECHNOL. 2014; 188: 17-28. FullText FullText_BOKU

Currently, the golden standard for the purification of recombinant humanized antibodies (rhAbs) from CHO cell culture is protein A chromatography. However, due to increasing rhAbs titers alternative methods have come into focus. A new strategy for purification of recombinant human antibodies from CHO cell culture supernatant based on cold ethanol precipitation (CEP) and CaCl2 precipitation has been developed. This method is based on the cold ethanol precipitation, the process used for purification of antibodies and other components from blood plasma. We proof the applicability of the developed process for four different antibodies resulting in similar yield and purity as a protein A chromatography based process. This process can be further improved using an anion-exchange chromatography in flowthrough mode e.g. a monolith as last step so that residual host cell protein is reduced to a minimum. Beside the ethanolbased process, our data also suggest that ethanol could be replaced with methanol or isopropanol. The process is suited for continuous operation. (C) 2014 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Hammerschmidt Nikolaus
Jungbauer Alois
Satzer Peter
Tschelie├čnig Anne-Luise
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