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Zollitsch, W., Wetscherek, W., Lettner, F..
(1992): Einsatz von inländischem Sojaexpeller in Schweinemastrationen.
Die Bodenkultur, 43, 81-95

Non-roasted soya-expeller which had been produced from Austrian soybeans (varieties Simpson, Evans, McCall) was used in rations for pig fattening. Effects on fattening performance, carcass yield, meat quality and composition of fat were investigated in two experiments. The first experiment was conducted at a practical farm using two groups with 112 pigs total (8 boxes with 14 animals each). Rations consisted of 77% corn cob mix (CCM) and 23% supplementary feed (SF) which contained 63% of soya-expeller (group 2) instead of soybean meal and faba beans (group 1). The second experiment was conducted at a test-station using two groups with 24 pigs each. Two pigs were kept together in one box. They were fed barley-based pelleted all-mash feed. In the ration of group 2 soybean meal and barley were substituted by soya-expeller. The most important results are shown in the table.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Wetscherek Wolfgang
Zollitsch Werner

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