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Aggestam, F.
(2014): Wetland Restoration and the Involvement of Stakeholders: An Analysis Based on Value-Perspectives
LANDSCAPE RES. 2014; 39(6): 680-697. FullText FullText_BOKU

This work represents an analysis of the values that underlie our perception of nature and how these interact and influence wetland restoration. The focus is on the restoration of wetlands along Kavlinge and Hoje Rivers in Sweden. Applying environmental ethics as a framework, the study addresses the difficulties that may arise when a project is dependent on voluntary stakeholder participation. The values and preferences of 32 individuals concerning programme objectives and implementation were captured through a review of project documents, a questionnaire, interviews and group discussions. The results suggest that the participantsxxx values not only differ in terms of how they perceive nature, but also in terms of the importance and function associated with wetlands and the agricultural landscape. Despite the successful construction of a number of wetlands, value-based differences caused the administration to make compromises that reduced the programmesxxx environmental impact. It is argued that a better understanding of ethics and the interplay between professional and personal values on decision behaviour should be utilised when engaged in the management of disparate stakeholder groups and the development of incentives for participation.
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Aggestam Filip

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