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Meszaros, G; Petautschnig, E; Schwarzenbacher, H; Solkner, J.
(2015): Genomic regions influencing coat color saturation and facial markings in Fleckvieh cattle
ANIM GENET. 2015; 46(1): 65-68. FullText FullText_BOKU

Genomic regions associated with coat color and pigmented areas of the head were identified for Fleckvieh (dual-purpose Simmental), a red-spotted and white-headed cattle breed. Coat color was measured with a chromameter, implementing the CIELAB color space and resulting in numerical representation of lightness, color intensity, red/green and blue/yellow color components, rather than subjective classification. Single marker regression analyses with fixed effects of the sex and barn were applied, and significant regions were determined with the local false discovery rate methodology. The PMEL and ERBB3 genes on chromosome 5 were in the most significant region for the color measurements. In addition to the blue/yellow color component and color intensity, the AP3B2 gene on chromosome 21 was identified. Its function was confirmed for similar traits in a range of model species. The KIT gene on chromosome 6 was found to be strongly associated with the inhibition of circum-ocular pigmentation and pigmented spots on the cheek.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Meszaros Gabor
Sölkner Johann

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