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Ritter, T; Gollob, C; Nothdurft, A.
(2020): Towards an Optimization of Sample Plot Size and Scanner Position Layout for Terrestrial Laser Scanning in Multi-Scan Mode
FORESTS. 2020; 11(10), 1099 FullText FullText_BOKU

A novel approach is presented to model the tree detection probability of terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) in forest inventory applications using a multi-scan mode. The traditional distance sampling framework is further extended to account for multiple scan positions at a single sample plot and to allow for an imperfect detection probability at distance r = 0. The novel methodology is tested with real world data, as well as in simulations. It is shown that the underlying detection model can be parameterized using only data from single scans. Hereby, it is possible to predict the detection probability also for different sample plot sizes and scanner position layouts in a multi-scan setting. Simulations showed that a minor discretization bias can occur if the sample size is small. The methodology enables a generalized optimization of the scanning layout in a multi-scan setting with respect to the detection probability and the sample plot area. This will increase the efficiency of multi-scan TLS-based forest inventories in the future.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Gollob Christoph
Nothdurft Arne
Ritter Tim
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