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Laburda, T; Krasa, J; Zumr, D; Devaty, J; Vrana, M; Zambon, N; Johannsen, LL; Klik, A; Strauss, P; Dostal, T.
(): SfM-MVS Photogrammetry for Splash Erosion Monitoring under Natural Rainfall

An understanding of splash erosion is the basis to describe the impact of rain characteristics on soil disturbance. In typical splash cup experiments, splashed soil is collected, filtered, and weighed. As a way to collect additional data, our experiments have been supplemented by a photogrammetric approach. A total of three soils were tested across three sites, one in the Czech Republic and two in Austria, all equipped with rain gauges and disdrometers to measure rainfall parameters. The structure from motion multiview stereo (SfM-MVS) photogrammetric method was used to measure the raindrops impact on the soil surface. The images were processed using Agisoft PhotoScan, resulting in orthophotos and digital elevation models (DEMs) with a resolution of 0.1 mm/pix. The surface statistics included the mean surface height (whose standard deviation was used as a measure of surface roughness), slope, and other parameters. These parameters were evaluated depending on soil texture and rainfall parameters. The results show a linear correlation between consolidation and splash erosion with a coefficient of determination (R-2) of approximately 0.65 for all three soils. When comparing the change in soil volume with rainfall parameters, the best correlation was found with the maximum 30-minintensity (I-30), resulting in R-2 values of 0.48 (soil A, silt loam, 26% clay), 0.59 (soil B, silt loam, 18% clay), and 0.68 (soil C, loamy sand, 12% clay). The initial increase in the sample volume for the lowest splashed mass corresponds with the increase in the clay content of each of the soils. Soil A swells the most. Soil B swells less. Soil C does not swell at all and consolidates the most. We derived the relationship between the photogrammetrically measured change in surface height and the splash erosion (measured by weight) by accounting for the effect of the clay content.
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Klik Andreas
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