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Noelting, MC; Sisterna, MN; Sulyok, M; Abbiati, NN; Molina, MC.
(2022): Damage caused by Alternaria alternata to the quality and germination of amaranth seeds
EUR J PLANT PATHOL. 2022; 163(1): 193-202. FullText FullText_BOKU

Alternaria alternata is one of the main microorganisms responsible for affecting seeds and causing infection and eventually seed discoloration. The purpose of this work was to analyze sanitary quality in seeds of five amaranth genotypes, of which four were late-cycle (160 days) and the remaining one was early-cycle (79 days). Trials were carried out in two consecutive seasons during 2013-2015 following an experimental design set up in completely randomized blocks with three replications. The following variables were analyzed: seed yield per square meter, 1000 seed weight, germination, incidence of seed infection with A. alternata, incidence of seed discoloration in large and small seeds, and mycotoxin contamination. Results showed that in the early genotype infection and seed discoloration produced by A. alternata was lower and mycotoxin content was either lower or null than in late genotypes.
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Sulyok Michael
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