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Lingg, N; Kross, C; Engele, P; Ohlknecht, C; Koppl, C; Fischer, A; Lier, B; Loibl, J; Sprenger, B; Liu, J; Scheidl, P; Berkemeyer, M; Buchinger, W; Brocard, C; Striedner, G; Oostenbrink, C; Schneider, R; Jungbauer, A; Cserjan-Puschmann, M.
(2022): CASPON platform technology: Ultrafast circularly permuted caspase-2 cleaves tagged fusion proteins before all 20 natural amino acids at the N-terminus
NEW BIOTECHNOL. 2022; 71: 37-46. FullText FullText_BOKU

Authors BOKU Wien:
Cserjan Monika
Jungbauer Alois
Köppl Christoph
Lier Bettina
Lingg Nico
Öhlknecht Christoph
Oostenbrink Chris
Striedner Gerald
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