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Medl, M; Rajamanickam, V; Striedner, G; Newton, J.
(2023): Development and Validation of an Artificial Neural-Network-Based Optical Density Soft Sensor for a High-Throughput Fermentation System
PROCESSES. 2023; 11(1), 297 FullText FullText_BOKU

Optical density (OD) is a critical process parameter during fermentation, this being directly related to cell density, which provides valuable information regarding the state of the process. However, to measure OD, sampling of the fermentation broth is required. This is particularly challenging for high-throughput-microbioreactor (HT-MBR) systems, which require robotic liquid-handling (LiHa) systems for process control tasks, such as pH regulation or carbon feed additions. Bioreactor volume is limited and automated at-line sampling occupies the resources of LiHa systems; this affects their ability to carry out the aforementioned pipetting operations. Minimizing the number of physical OD measurements is therefore of significant interest. However, fewer measurements also result in less process information. This resource conflict has previously represented a challenge. We present an artificial neural-network-based soft sensor developed for the real-time estimation of the OD in an MBR system. This sensor was able to estimate the OD to a high degree of accuracy (>95%), even without informative process variables stemming from, e.g., off-gas analysis only available at larger scales. Furthermore, we investigated and demonstrated scaling of the soft sensor's generalization capabilities with the data from different antibody fragments expressing Escherichia coli strains. This study contributes to accelerated biopharmaceutical process development.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Medl Matthias
Striedner Gerald

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