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Plank, C; Haas, W; Schreuer, A; Irshaid, J; Barben, D; Gorg, C.
(): Climate policy integration viewed through the stakeholders' eyes: A co-production of knowledge in social-ecological transformation research

Climate policy integration (CPI) is regarded in the literature as key to combatting climate change. It has been critically discussed to what extent climate policy is integrated in different policy fields at the European and the national level. In this paper, we analyze the expectations toward CPI from the perspective of stakeholders focusing on two fields in Austria - energy and land use. We combine CPI approaches with social-ecological transformation research, which highlights obstacles for CPI, which can be found in the polity, leading to conflicts between different actor groups or institutions. More specifically, we examine, through a process of co-production of knowledge together with stakeholder groups, how CPI functions in its categories of horizontal and vertical policy integration, cooperation and conflict, reporting, vision, uncertainties, and reflexivity. Results show that policy integration remains contested, alternative visions to economic growth are needed and communication with policy-makers needs to be improved. Furthermore, reflexive learning is central for the success of CPI. Finally, it matters who has access and who plays a role in governance structures. Co-production of knowledge can play a crucial role, but faces a challenging tension between being inclusive and losing its transformative capacities. A shift from a narrow focus on policy making to consider the limiting or enabling structural conditions for interaction between a wide variety of stakeholders is required. Instead of reflexive learning how to best accommodate the powerful interest groups, this could increase the space for reflexive and adaptive policy integration aimed at achieving normative climate targets.
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Görg Christoph
Haas Willi
Plank Christina
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