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Stocker, M; Schneider, G; Zeilinger, J; Rose, G; Damyanovic, D; Huber-Humer, M.
(2021): Urban temporary housing environments-from a systematic comparison towards an integrated typology
J HOUS BUILT ENVIRON. 2021; 36(4): 1457-1482. FullText FullText_BOKU

Housing plays a central role in everyday life and the fulfillment of human needs. Temporary housing demand can occur due to migration, extreme environmental events or personal decisions, and is expected to increase in the upcoming years. This study aims to create a general understanding of temporary housing. We conducted an integrated comparison of 66 international temporary housing examples via tabulation (table work), in an interdisciplinary manner considering details regarding built structure, open spaces, area, infrastructure, organizational and socio-economic aspects. It is the first time that a systematic comparison via tabulation (based on the approach of Braun-Blanquet) is used to classify temporary housing environments. The process is described in detail. The application of the systematic comparison creates a detailed typology that allows extensions and further differentiations. The types that emerge from the tabulation have specific concepts regarding the structural-spatial organization, technical infrastructure, and organizational matters, among others. The typology was further examined in the context of previous groupings in published literature. This novel approach of analyzing and structuring temporary housing offers a comprehensive perspective that can work as a universal understanding and language for precise communication among different disciplines regarding temporary housing.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Damyanovic Doris
Huber-Humer Marion
Schneider Gerda
Stocker Mirjam
Zeilinger Julia
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