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Peter Muckenhuber (2012): Entwicklung einer Verteiltechnik zum Einsatz von Aerosolen zur Verbesserung des Stallklimas in Mastschweineställen.
Doctoral Thesis - Institut für Landtechnik, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp XXVIII, 232 Bl.. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
The present study describes in the first step the development of a new distribution technology for aerosols in finishing pig houses, which has been tested in the second step in a pig finishing unit. The objective was to verify whether the newly developed technology, including a newly formulated active agent solution will meet a proper emission control measure. At the beginning of the study a new distribution technology, a so called two-component jet technology, was developed. The relevant parts of the construction (spray technology, control unit, and inline inductor technique) were developed as a concept and then installed in the test pig house. During the main experiment 240 finishing pigs were housed in three identical compartments containing 80 animals each. The results of the study have shown that an improvement of the climatic conditions was obtained. The temperature in the experimental compartment could be decreased by three degrees Kelvin. By distributing the active agent solution a clear dust binding capacity was evident. The gaseous emission particularly of ammonia in the test compartment compared with the control group was reduced up to 40 %. By distributing the active agent solution, the odor concentration or odor assessment could be improved. A significant reduction of microbes in the treated air was determined. The economic result was a shortening of the finishing period on an average of seven days in the experimental groups compared with the control group. This advantage however includes an additional cost burden of approximately € 2,3 per pig, based on the experimental compartments the installed spraying technique including the prototype and additionally, the active agent solution used. Besides there are advantages such as improved climatic conditions in housings of finishers and increased animal health status. The newly developed spraying technique has proven to be an additional alternative to the emission control measures in finishing pig units.

Betreuer: Boxberger Josef
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2. Berater: Moitzi Gerhard

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