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Julia Ehrentraud (2015): Primärproduktion in öffentlichen Freiräumen am Beispiel von Wiener Neustadt.
Master / Diploma Thesis - Institut für Landschaftsplanung (ILAP), BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 108. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
This master thesis is about freely accessible primary production. That is to say, it deals with public open spaces where fruit, vegetables, berries and herbs are grown. In this concept is remarkable that everybody is allowed to harvest everything that grows on these spaces, regardless of where they are located or whether one is involved in their farming or administration. In Wiener Neustadt, there are two initiatives that pursue this nonprofit target. In the course of the work for this master thesis these initiatives were analyzed by landscape planning observations and the information gathered was supplemented by semi-structured interviews with the initiators, the environmental council and a former employee. Thereby, the organization of projects and the problems these have to face were visualized. The concept for the edible city was not invented in Wiener Neustadt. There are well running predecessor projects. These were analyzed as well and compared to the Wiener Neustadt initiatives. The success criteria developed by the predecessor projects flow into the results section of this thesis. The final results consist of a general guideline for projects with freely accessible primary production and a proposal for a clearance framework planning for primary production in Wiener Neustadt. This dissertation seeks to demonstrate how important a well organized planning and conceptualizing process of such projects is in the run-up to the actual realization of them, in order to secure their long-term existence. The choice of the planting-places is crucial as social control has to be ensured here. Depending on the type of open space, various measures can be taken to promote the primary production in the city. The planting and maintenance work should be carried out together with the city or the municipality, the owner of the area and the people who live around the respective area or likes to use it. Therefore, well functioning communication and cooperation are vital. Media presence and the attitude of local politicians towards the project may have a strong effect on its success. However, the decisive criterion for success of such a project is that a city or community recognizes the importance of primary production and the subsistence in order to be able to promote these appropriately.

Beurteilende(r): Schneider Gerda

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