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Institute of Analytical Chemistry (DCH/AC)

Mission Statement

The Division of Analytical Chemistry is established at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences with the main focus on analytical methods both in education and research.

The teaching focus lies in the introductory study period in lectures and laboratory courses. The courses 771.314 „Instrumental Analytical Chemistry for Master Students“ and 771.315 „Practical Course on Instrumental Analysis“ are of major importance for the education in advanced studies during the master study period. The excellent education and training of master and PhD students is an intensive field in the teaching mission of the division.

The core research areas of the division are related to isotopic- elemental- species- and molecular analysis with the focus on inorganic and organic mass spectrometry. The topics are segmented in three research groups which are linked via the central subject of instrumental method development. The aim is to develop and establish analytical methods in the core subjects of the division.

The research group VIRIS focuses on isotopic and elemental fingerprint analysis for authenticity and quality control as well as for the investigation of natural processes. The development of direct methods such as laser ablation mass spectrometry for the direct ultra trace analysis is a further core topic of the VIRIS laboratory.

The research group BIOANALYSIS focuses on the development of analytical methods and processes in modern microbiology and biomedicine. The complementary employment of inorganic and organic mass spectrometry is a major focal point in the research.

The research group SUNA (hazardous and natural substances) has a core competence in the development of separation and detection methods for the analysis of natural and hazardous substances. The research group has established a SUNA network at the university.


Elemental analysis:

Multielemental trace- and ultratrace analysis with ICP-MS (environmental, biological and industrial samples). Sample preparation of solid or colloidal samples via microwave digestion, UV-digestion, open vessel treatment

Isotopic analysis:

Analysis of accurate isotopic ratios via (MC) - ICP-MS Standard methods: Sr, Pb, S, Ca – Isotopic systems. Additional isotopic systems on request

Speciation analysis:

Analysis of various elemental species via HPLC, IC, µ-HPLC, CE, GC with ICP-MS detection

Analysis of inorganic and organic substances:

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of various natural and hazardous substances with different separation and detection methods (mass spectrometric, electrochemical, photometric)


ICP-MS analysis, Separation methods, Quality management and assurance in analytical laboratories (EN/ISO 17025), Metrology in Chemistry

Scientific and technical consulting:

Project consulting in the field of chemical analysis, environmental chemistry metrology in Chemistry and working under clean room conditions

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Analytical chemistry

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