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INtegrated analysis and modeling for the management of sustainable urban FWE ReSOURCEs

Erb Karlheinz, BOKU Projektleiter/in
Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiative
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Smetschka Barbara, Projektmitarbeiter/in
Plank Christina, Projektmitarbeiter/in
Kalt Gerald, Projektmitarbeiter/in
Kaufmann Lisa, Projektmitarbeiter/in
Matej Sarah, Projektmitarbeiter/in
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Institut für Soziale Ökologie (SEC)
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FFG - Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft, Sensengasse 1, 1090 Wien, Österreich
As cities across the globe confront rapid change, they face common metabolic challenges to provide food, water and energy (FWE) supplies and to ensure healthy, socially balanced and economically productive communities. In this context, governments, utilities, developers, investors and other decision-makers need tools to identify, quantify and visualize cross-sectoral and cross-media impacts to FWE systems from various decisions – from urban development strategies to CO2 mitigation/-adaptation plans to FWE infrastructure investments.
The proposed IN-SOURCE project will develop a shared urban data and modeling framework to help cities analyze and characterize FWE systems and nexus interrelationships. Shaped by urban stakeholder requirements, this framework will utilize a common urban 3D data model applicable to regions and cities in Europe and the United States.
The IN-SOURCE modeling framework will: (a) simulate impacts of land use, climate change and decentralization of FWE supply infrastructure in cities with different densities and under multiple constraints in order to ensure adequate energy, water and food distribution and storage capacity; (b) configure alternative urban and regional scenarios toward integrated carbon neutral and sustainable infrastructure, based upon decentralized and increasingly autonomous FWE supply; and (c) analyze scalability and transferability of prototype solutions to other cities.
Klimawandel; Umweltforschung; Humanökologie; Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft; Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften; Umweltökonomie; Umweltsoziologie; Kulturlandschaftsforschung; Umweltpolitik;

** Kalt, G; Kaufmann, L; Kastner, T; Krausmann, F Tracing Austria's biomass consumption to source countries: A product-level comparison between bioenergy, food and material.

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Kaufmann, L; Smetschka, B; Matej, S; Erb, KH; Kozlowska, A; Gebetsroither-Geringer, E (2021): Urban Land Use and Food Supply: the Example of Vienna.
[26th International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Development in the Information Society REALCORP 2021 - Cities 2050: Creating Habitats for the 3rd Millennium. Smart – Sustainable – Climate Neutral, Vienna, Austria, 07.09.2021 - 10.09.2021]

In: Schrenk, M; Popovich VV; Zeile, P; Elisei, P; Beyer, C; Ryser, J; Stöglehner, G (Eds.), Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Urban Planning, Regional Development and Information Society / Tagungsband, Selbstverlag des Vereins CORP – Competence Center of Urban and Regional Planning, Vienna, pp. 997-1006; ISBN: 978-3-9504945-0-1 FullText

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Kaufmann, L (2020): Eine Zukunft urbaner Landwirtschaft.

Interview von Sandra Puchner, Radio Orange, Sendereihe "Post-Normal – Wie wir uns die Zukunft denken", 19.11.2020 FullText


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Kaufmann, L; Smetschka, B; Kozlowska, A; Gebetsroither-Geringer, E (2021): Analysing and presenting footprints of urban land-use and food supply in Vienna - the interactive HANPP Explorer, SUGI project IN-SOURCE.

Symposium on the Food-Water-Energy Nexus in parallel with the SDSC 2021: 6th International conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities (SDSC), SEP 15-17, 2021, Stuttgart, Germany

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Symposium on the Food-Water-Energy Nexus in parallel with the SDSC 2021: 6th International conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities (SDSC), SEP 15-17, 2021, Stuttgart, Germany

Kaufmann, L (2020): Die ökologischen Auswirkungen der Wiener Ernährung.

Zukunftserwachen - Das Festival für lokale Vielfalt & gelebte Utopien. Impulsvortrag zur Podiumsdiskussion "Was is(s)t Wien morgen?", SEP 19, 2020, Wien, AUSTRIA

Smetschka, B; Kaufmann, L (2020): Food-Water-Energy Nexus in Vienna – Feeding and greening the city.

11th International Sustainability Transition (IST) Conference 2020: Governance in an Era of Change – Making Sustainability Transitions Happen, AUG 18-21, 2020, Vienna, AUSTRIA [online conference]

Smetschka, B; Kaufmann, L (2019): INSOURCE.

Stadt-Umland-Konferenz (SUM) 2019: Klimawandelanpassung in der Stadtregion, NOV 11, 2019, Wien, AUSTRIA

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