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Habitat preferences of huchen larvae

Project Leader
Pinter Kurt, Project Leader
Österreichischer Fischereiverband - Beauftragung
Type of Research
Basic Research
Gruber Gabriel, Sub Projectleader
Arreaga Espin Joselyn Veronica, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management (IHG)
Funded by
Österreichischer Fischereiverband, Am Modenapark 1-2, 1030 Wien, Austria
The focus of the project is on the detailed description of the first larval and juvenile habitats of the huchen in the River Pielach. This knowledge represents an essential auto-ecological basis, which is indispensable for the efficiency of future species protection projects. In addition, the spawning sites are to be mapped and counted, and the current adult fish population is to be surveyed. The River Pielach is particularly suitable for this purpose, as it can draw on many years of methodically identical monitoring data, which should be taken into account in the interpretation of the results, for example by showing current development trends of the Huchen stock. On the one hand, knowledge about the habitat preferences of all age classes and the development of the population on the other hand, by comparing the existing habitat conditions and stressors (continuum breaks, residual water stretches, etc.) with the data collected on the habitat preferences of all age stages and the development of the population, clear statements can be made about the habitat requirements of the huchen.
Ecosystem research; Fishery;
Danube salmon; Juvenile fish; Habitat;
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