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Nutrition effects on vines and soils in vineyards

Subproject of: Sustainable multifunctional fertiliser – combining bio-coatings, probiotics and struvite for phosphorus and iron supply (SUSFERT)

Project Leader
Griesser Michaela, Project Leader
BioBased Industries JU (H2020) - Innovation Action / Demonstration (IA/Demo)
Type of Research
Basic Research
Decleva Sabine, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Viticulture and Pomology
Funded by
Commission of the European Communities, Rue de la Loi, Brussels, European Union
In 2018 and 2019 pot experiments were conducted with vines in order to test different substrates and nutrition amendments to prevent chlorose symptoms under lime stress conditions. The fertilizer BioAgenasol strongly promoted plant growth and root developments enabling the plant to cope with high lime stress situations much better as comparable fertilizers. The effects observed in pot experiments should now be tested in vineyards in order to determine if BioAgenosol has effects on vine and soil viatality. A direct translation of results from pot experiments to vineyards is not possible as vines are prennial plants. The presented project is a 2-year experiment in vineyards to determine effects of different fertilizers including BioAgenasol on vegetative and generative parameters of vines including fruit parameters.

Plant nutrition; Viticulture; Soil science;
soil vitality; Fertilization; Plant nutrition;
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