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Climate-smart forests: Genotype selection and planting methods (WP5, WP7) - Waldfond Project

Project Leader
Sanden Hans, BOKU Project Leader
Waldfonds - DAFNE 90 - Maßnahme 8
Type of Research
Applied Research
Project partners
AgroBiogel GmbH, Königstetter Straße 128-134, 3430 Tulln an der Donau, Austria.
Contact person: Johannes Schwarz;
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Austrian Federal Forests, Pummergasse 10-12, 3002 Purkersdorf, Austria.
Contact person: Monika Kanzian;
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Neophytou Charalambos, Sub Projectleader
Klumpp Raphael Thomas, Project Staff
Sanden Hans, Project Staff
Dirnberger Albert, Project Staff (bis 31.08.2022)
Lambropoulos Marie, Project Staff
Teuchert Hanna Jessica-Marie, Project Staff (bis 31.07.2022)
Dämon Sarah, Project Staff (bis 15.11.2022)
Gerstmayr Jana, Project Staff (bis 15.12.2022)
Spitzer Antonia, Project Staff (bis 25.11.2022)
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Forest Ecology
Institute of Silviculture
Funded by
Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BWF), Seckendorff- Gudent- Weg 8, 1131 Wien, Austria
The Waldfond project "Climate-smart Forests: Genotype selection and planting methods" (acronym: WaldFIT-WF project) contains eight work packages (WP) and is scheduled to last 40 months (planned start 01/09/2021- end 31/12/2024). The project focuses on forest genetics and the improvement of forest reproductive material and planting methods. New plots with provenance trials of important native tree species (spruce, maple) and non-native tree species (Douglas fir) will be established in order to conduct future studies on the suitability of forest reproductive material under adapted cultivation methods under changing climatic conditions.
WP5 (Institute of Silviculture) comprises the identification of the origin of selected stands and clones of Douglas fir from a seed orchard in Austria. Furthermore, seed orchards and stands will be compared with regard to the quality and genetic diversity of the seed produced there and the reproductive conditions in naturally regenerated stands will be investigated by means of genetic markers.
WP7 (Institute of Forest Ecology) comprises the evaluation of two hydrogel varieties and concentrations to increase the growth performance and reduce the mortality rates of five tree species (maple, Douglas fir, oak, spruce, and larch) on reforestation sites in three Austrian growth areas (FB Inner Salzkammergut and Traun-Innviertel, FB Pinzgau and Pongau, and FB Waldviertel-Voralpen).
Forestry; Silviculture; Forest ecology;
Soil amendments; Genotype selection; Hydrogels; Climate smart forests; Planting methods; Waldfond;

van Loo, M; Rewald, B; Neophytou, C; Klumpp, R; Trujillo-Moya, C; Konrad, H; Schüler, S (2022): WF Forschungsprojekt Nr. 101658 Klimafitte Wälder: Herkunftswahl und Pflanzverfahren (WF Projekt WaldFIT) - 1. Zwischenbericht (09/2022).

Finanziert von: Bundesministerium Landwirtschaft, Regionen und Tourismus, 64

Lambropoulos, M; Sandén, H; Rewald, B (2022): Climate-smart forests: Mitigating drought stress-induced mortality of tree seedlings with soil amendments - evaluation of hydrogels and planting techniques. [Poster]
[7th WABO Student Conference 2022 - Featuring future in forest and soil sciences, Vienna, Austria, 16.05.2022]

In: Rewald, B. (Ed.), 7. WABO Student Conference 2022: Featuring future in forest and soil sciences - Book of Abstracts ; ISBN: 978-3-900932-99-2 FullText

Teuchert, H, Lambropoulos, M; Rewald, B (2022): The influence of planting methods on the establishment and survival rate of tree seedlings. [Poster]
[7th WABO Student Conference 2022 - Featuring future in forest and soil sciences, Vienna, Austria, 16.05.2022]

In: Rewald, B. (Ed.), 7. WABO Student Conference 2022: Featuring future in forest and soil sciences - Book of Abstracts; ISBN: 978-3-900932-99-2 FullText

Aschbacher, E. (2022): Damit sich unser Wald rascher erholen kann.

Kronen Zeitung FullText


Rewald, B; Lambropoulos, M (2022): WaldFIT WP7 - Pflanzverfahren und Hydrogele.

Waldgenetik-Projekte des österreichischen Waldfonds: die erste Sitzung des Projektbeirates, 19.10.2022 - 20.10.2022, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Rewald, B; Sandén, H; Teuchert, H; Lampropoulos, M (2022): AP7: Pflanzverfahren & Hydrogelevaluation.

WaldFIT Projekt Update 1, MAY 11, 2022, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Rewald, B; Sandén, H; Teuchert, H; Spitzer, A; Lambropoulos, M (2022): WP7: planting methods & hydrogel evaluation​ .

WaldFIT Projekt Update 2, 11.10.2022, Vienna, AUSTRIA

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