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WINALP 21 - Mountain Forests under CLimate Change

Project Leader
Katzensteiner Klaus, BOKU Project Leader
Interreg Va Österreich - Bayern
Type of Research
Applied Research
Gadermaier Josef, Project Staff
Leyerer Lisa Marie, Project Staff
Morgenbesser David, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Forest Ecology
Funded by
European Regional Development Funds (ERDF), European Union
How can our mountain forests in the Northern Alps be proactively adapted to climate change? In the project, transnationally coordinated information systems will be developed, which will provide forest owners with practical recommendations and best practice examples for the treatment of mountain forests in the 21st century. As a basis, the site factors and forest types in the Northern Alps, which have been worked out in previous Interreg projects, will be dynamized with regard to climate. In afforestation trials and natural regeneration areas from previous projects (including Interreg), the medium-term survival rate and development of various tree species will be documented. In addition, new trials with further tree species, including guest tree species, will be set up and silvicultural measures in old stands will be tested. On this basis, strategies and concepts for the proactive adaptation of mountain forests to climate change will be jointly developed and integrated into operational and official information systems and silvicultural practice aids.
Forest ecology; Soil science;
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