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Investigating the revegetated areas above the treeline in South Tyrol/ Italy: the possibility of danger by grazing

Project Leader
Florineth Florin, Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
Raba Bernd, Project Staff (bis 30.09.2010)
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Soil Bioengineering and Landscape Construction
Funded by
Insitute of Soil Protection, Torrent and Avalanche Control, Italy
15 to 25 years ago in South Tyrol the eroded areas Meran 2000 (municipality of Hafling) and Tanasenberg (municipality of Laas) were revegetated, both of them are former pastoral properties. Mostly bitumen straw seeding was chosen using a mixture of alpine area species.
Some of these revegetated areas were temporarily opened to grazing, while 5 to 7 plots (4*4 meters) per area were kept fenced to prevent grazing.
The aim of this study is to analyse changes of both the soil and vegetation that are effected by the grazing, by comparing grazed with ungrazed areas.
botany; pedology; erosion (erosion control);
soil; erosion control; vegetation;
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