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Development of a model for eco-efficient supply of woody biomass

Project Leader
Stampfer Karl, Project Leader
Energiesysteme der Zukunft (Impulsprogramm Nachhaltig Wirtschaften)
Type of Research
Basic Research
Project partners
Burgenländischer Waldverband GmbH, Hauptplatz 1a, 7432 Oberschützen, Austria.
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Landeskammer für Land- und Forstwirtschaft in Steiermark, Hamerlinggasse 3, A-8010 Graz, Austria.
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Österreichische Bundesforste AG, Unternehmensleitung, Pummergasse 10-12, 3002 Purkersdorf, Austria.
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
SWH Heizwerke Errichtungs-Betriebs GmbH, Oberfeldstraße 22, 5082 Grödig, Austria.
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Gronalt Manfred, Sub Projectleader
Zazgornik Jan, Project Staff (bis 31.03.2016)
Greigeritsch Thomas, Project Staff (bis 31.08.2010)
Kanzian Christian, Project Staff
Holzleitner Franz, Project Staff
Kühmaier Martin, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Forest Engineering
Institute of Production and Logistics
Funded by
Klima- und Energiefonds, Leopold-Ungar-Platz 2 / Stiege 1 / 4.OG / Top 142, 1190 Wien, Austria
With regard to the Kyoto Protocol, Austria has committed itself to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 13 % compared to the reference year 1990, during the period 2008-2012. The use of renewable energy sources, in particular biomass, is a major issue concerning CO2 reduction. The logistics involved in providing the raw material and in developing supply networks pose a challenge for implementing these actions.
A series of studies on provision of the raw material are mainly focussing on economic viability and profitability. Long-term, sustainable energy supply is not just considering economic criteria, but needs to regard environmentally and socially relevant criteria (the ‘triple bottom line’) for the best possible design of supply networks, too.
The study is intended to develop a model with general validity for evaluating and optimising regional biomass supply networks, primarily with regard to eco-efficiency (energy efficiency and CO2 efficiency). Using process analyses, the aim is to achieve valuable basic principles.

This is intended to operationalize sustainable supply following the ‘triple bottom line’ approach by using multi-dimensional optimisation and multiple-criteria analyses. This approach facilitates innovative ways for evaluating and improving the sustainability of the overall supply system.

The approach is applied in the model regions Styria (Steiermark), Lower Austria (Niederösterreich) and Salzburg, using the supply network for forestry-sourced biomass. Results are intended to contribute to deriving measures and recommendations for action with regard to energy efficiency and CO2 reduction of supply networks. Publication is aimed to guarantee a dissemination of the results.
The biomass supply network’s “sustainability potential” is identified and utilized following sub objectives:
• Defining a sustainability concept within the supply network
• Defining the ecological limits of the supply system
• Optimising the eco-efficiency (energy efficiency and CO2 efficiency) of regional supply networks, from the strategic viewpoint
• Developing eco-efficient supply scenarios
• Improving the energy balance sheet and overall use of raw materials for regional supply situations by increasing yields
• Developing strategies for increasing efficiency at the level of operational logistics
• Drawing up a list of measures for providing biomass and biomass from forestry sources
forest technology; forestry; renewable resources; environmental protection;
woodchips; sustainability; eco-efficiency; supply networks; biomass logistics; renewable energy;

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