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Regional planning and development Parndorf

Project Leader
Damyanovic Doris, BOKU Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
Reinwald Florian, Project Staff
Koll Anna, Project Staff (bis 22.10.2014)
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Landscape Planning
Funded by
City Council of Parndorf, Hauptstraße 52a, 7111 Parndorf, Austria
Village Renewal in the muncipality Parndorf

The aim of the village renewal process in the municipality of Parndorf is the development of a village renewal overall concept, which supports a sustainable development of the community in the future. The planning instrument of village renewal in the state of Burgenland builds on a broad participation of the inhabitants and is used for the realisation of the local agenda 21/ sustainability strategy on the communal level as well as for the realisation of equal opportunities in the participation in the community’s development. The comprehensive village renewal program in Burgenland works on the development and realisation of activities in four fields of action – ecology, economy, socio-culture, building sector. Along with a professional, landscape planning survey and analysis the community is also analysed within the framework of the public participation activities and together a profile for the future is produced. The outcome of this process is an overall village renewal concept, which contains objectives, actions and projects to topics relevant for a sustainable future. The results of this practical research project provide contributions to the main research topics of the Institute of Landscape Planning in the fields of sustainable development on communal level, equal opportunities and equalisation in the community’s development as well as to the research fields of “challenges caused by demographic and climatic changes”.
Regional development planning; city-, village redevelopment / innovation; Sustainable development, sustainable economics; regional planning; Regional development planning ;
participatory planning; Gender Equality; Village Renewal ; Regional planning;
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