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Wolfgang Huber (2012): Waldbezogene Objektwelten und Handlungsmuster von WaldbetriebsleiterInnen. Auf Basis von Fallstudien in Österreich..
Doctoral Thesis - Institut für Marketing und Innovation (MI), BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 227. UB BOKU obvsg FullText

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
The harvesting potential of Austrian forests is not fully used, particularly not in small scale non-industrial private ownership (< 200 hectare). One aspect of the ongoing structural change in the agricultural sector in Austria is the increase of unknown forest owners (UFOs). In the present thesis the worlds of objects of forest managers were reconstructed based on case studies. The following three leading research questions were defined: (1) What are the forest managers’ interests on forest? (2) What phenomena play a role in shaping these interests? (3) What are the resulting behaviour patterns? The approach using Grounded Theory opened the reconstruction of the worlds of objects of interviewed forest managers and allowed a deep insight into subject(forest manager)-object(forest)-relations with in-depth specifications. In total 32 interviews with 46 involved interviewees were realised. The theoretical sampling let to 27 core categories of object interpretations. The category “well-kept forest” was identified as the central category with the strongest relations to other categories inside the analysed subject-object-relations (worlds of objects). From the conceptual network in framing the research process five behaviour patterns, namely economically orientated, diversification orientated, traditional orientated, self-fulfilment orientated and maintenance orientated were derived.

Betreuer: Schwarzbauer Peter
1. Berater: Schiebel Walter
2. Berater: Darnhofer Ika

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