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Philipp Holler (2019): Einfluss der Düngung von Begrünungsvarianten und deren Wirkung auf Nitrat im Bodenwasser.
Master / Diploma Thesis - Abteilung Pflanzenbau, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 98. UB BOKU obvsg FullText

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
In the course of the 39th regulation of the regional program, valid in the area from Graz to Bad Radkersburg, farmers who work in this intensive agricultural region were faced with new requirements. One of these requirements stipulates a time limitation for the application period of manure especially on main cultures, which gives rise to storage problems of manure and a selective spreading of large amounts of manure at once. The aim of this thesis was to quantify the impact of various fertilized and unfertilized winter catch crop treatments on the leaching risk of nitrate to deeper soil layers and n concentration in the soil solution. A field trial (randomised complete block design) was set up with three replicates and six different treatments. Treatmentscatch included two catch crop mixtures (mustard, buckwheat, oil radish and mustard, buckwheat, Alexandrian clover) in fertilized (60 kg nitrogen ha-1 with pig slurry) and unfertilized form. Additionally a legume mixture (faba bean, winter pea, common vetch) and a reference plot (bare fallow) were included in non-fertilized form. Results showed no significant differences in aboveground dry matter, concentration of nitrogen in the biomass, nitrogen yield and soil mineral nitrogen (Nmin) between treatments with and without manure application. A significant difference was only identified for the legume treatment with a higher concentration of plant nitrogen and soil Nmin. The reference plot without catch crops had the highest amount of nitrogen into the soil solution with 68.5 mg l-1. This exceeded the limit of 50 mg l-1 as specified in the national groundwater regulation. Concerning treatments 1 to 5, no significant differences in nitrate concentraiton in the soil solution were found.

Beurteilende(r): Bodner Gernot
1.Mitwirkender: Mehdi-Schulz Bano

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