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Sevim Buga (2004): Biogaserzeugnung aus Mais: Einfluss der Sorte und des Erntezeitpunktes auf die spezifische Methanausbeute und dem Methanhektarertrag.
Master / Diploma Thesis, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
The main aim of this thesis was to improve the potential of maize for the production of biogas. To do this, the impact of the harvest time, the harvesting method, and the composition of contained substances have been examined. The raw materials used for fermentation were obtained from the location Ludersdorf/ Styria. Five different maize varieties, Benicia (FAO 300), Saxxo (FAO 380), Atalante (FAO 290), Ribera (FAO 390) und Phönix (FAO 290), were studied at three different harvest dates: 100 days of growth (milk ripeness), 143 days of growth (wax ripeness), and 190 days of growth (full ripeness). The harvest time had a significant impact on the specific methane-producing capacity and on the per hectare methane yield. The maize varieties were included in the experiments showed a characteristic methane production potential that was strongly dependent on their nutrient content and on the nutrient composition. The latter was mainly determined by the stage of vegetation. Location of maize production and variety also influenced the nutrient composition of maize silage. Maize grown at Ludersdorf/Styria, a favourable region for maize production, gave the following values on biomass yield, specific methane production and methane yield per hectare and dry matter: Benicia at the second harvest time the wax ripeness 34 t oTS/ha; 247 Nl CH4/kg oTS; 37,6 % TS; 8,529 Nm3 CH4 /ha, Ribera: at the first harvest time the milk ripeness 24 t oTS/ha; 261 Nl CH4/kg oTS; 22,4 % TS; 6,451 Nm3 CH4 /ha; Phönix: at the first harvest time the milk ripeness 20 t oTS/ha; 286 Nl CH4/kg oTS; 23,8 %TS; 5,946 Nm3 CH4 /ha; Atalante: at the second harvest time the wax ripeness 25 t oTS/ha; 205 Nl CH4/kg oTS; 40,2 %TS; 5,288 Nm3 CH4 /ha; Saxxo: at the second harvest time the wax ripeness 34 t oTS/ha; 231 Nl CH4/kg oTS; 35 %TS; 7,927 Nm3 CH4 /ha.

Beurteilende(r): Amon Thomas

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