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Institute of Soil Research

Univ.Prof. Dr.phil. Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern

Mission Statement

Soil - the basis of our life

Within the BOKU-competence field "land use and land ecosystems" our institute explores basic soil processes and their interactions with plants (rhizosphere) and microorganisms. We use this knowledge to develop sustainable strategies and methods for soil use, soil protection and restoration (remediation). We focus on the experimental detection and mathematical modelling of biogeochemical cycles (carbon, nutrients, pollutants, greenhouse gases) from the molecular level to global systems.

In undergraduate teaching, we provide comprehensive knowledge of the basics in soil science. Teaching in master's and doctoral studies is largely research-driven and focuses on deepening the foundations in soil science and linking it with topics of agricultural and environmental sciences with the aim of profound scientific education and preparation for professional practice.

Statistik Austria, science classification

Biodiversity research
Climate change
Cultivation of land
Ecosystem research
Environmental biotechnology
Environmental chemistry
Environmental management
Environmental protection
Environmental research
Forest ecology
General biology
Grain cultivation
History of agriculture and forestry
Landscape conservation
Organic farming
Plant cultivation
Plant nutrition
Plant protection
Pollutant emission
Remediation of contaminated sites
Renewable energy
Renewable resources
Soil erosion
Soil geography
Soil science
Subject didactics of agricultural sciences, veterinary medicine
Subject didactics of natural sciences
Sustainable agriculture
Sustainable technologies
Vegetable growing

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