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Politik zum Management von Nationalparkpufferzonen und deren Auswirkungen auf den Lebensunterhalt lokaler Gemeinschaften: Fallstudie Chitwan National Park und Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Nepal

Pregernig Michael, Projektleiter/in
Art der Forschung
Angewandte Forschung
Gurung Meena Kumari, Projektmitarbeiter/in (bis 30.09.2007)
Beteiligte BOKU-Organisationseinheiten
Institut für Wald-, Umwelt- und Ressourcenpolitik
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The main objective of this research is to investigate the impact of buffer zone management policy of Nepal in relation to the livelihood of local people. The key tasks are to review relevant literatures, understanding theoretical backgrounds of the policy analysis and review of the existing polices from people’s perspectives; to analyze the resource accessibility by peoples of various cast and ethnic groups; and to identify the extent of vulnerability of the groups. This research explores the buffer policies, mechanism and process of implementation policy in buffer zone management program in order to identify what social, economical and environmental impacts have been brought about in all social economical classes of people living in the buffer zones of protected areas in Nepal.
Politologie; Umweltsoziologie;
Lebensunterhalt; Nationalparks; Naturschutzpolitik; Politikwissenschaften;
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