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SPEcific ClImate change ForesIght in projeCt design and EIA

Project Leader
Jiricka-Pürrer Alexandra, Project Leader
Austrian Climate Research Programme (ACRP) - Individual Project
Type of Research
Applied Research
Project partners
Dr. Wachter Büro für Umweltplanung, Hamburg, Wiesnerring 2c, 21035 Hamburg, Germany.
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Federal Environment Agency, Spittelauer Lände 5, A-1090 Wien, Austria.
Contact person: DI Markus Leitner;
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Jiricka-Pürrer Alexandra, Sub Projectleader
Kleinbauer Ingrid, Project Staff (bis 25.02.2023)
Czachs Christina, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute for Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning
Institute of Meteorology and Climatology
SPEcific ClImate change ForesIght in projeCt design - Meteorologie (SPECIFIC-Met)
Funded by
Klima- und Energiefonds, Leopold-Ungar-Platz 2 / Stiege 1 / 4.OG / Top 142, 1190 Wien, Austria
Mainstreaming climate change adaptation into national, provincial and local policies and planning procedures can constitute an essential foundation for the consideration of climate change and implementation of adaptation strategies. EU programmes and policies have already started to re-quire the consideration and integration of climate change. One example is the recent revision of the EU Directive 2014/52/EU on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), which requires changes in the EIA practice of the Members States, including Austria. Until now, there are only few practical experiences and examples of incorporating climate change impacts and adaptation into infrastructure project developments subject to EIA in Europe.

SPECIFIC – SPEcific ClImate change ForesIght in projeCt design – aims at providing support in incorporating climate change impacts and adaptation into planning and development of large-scale infrastructure projects subject to EIA at the appropriate levels. It aims to overcome challenges identified in the previous research project envisage-cc (ACRP 5th call) – which represented a first step in examining the ability to integrate climate change adaptation into early project planning and design of large infrastructure projects subject to EIA – and to tackle them as a follow-up project. Whereas, in envisage-cc, the main aim was to broaden Austrian project develop-ers’ knowledge about the challenges arising from climate change for their projects, SPECIFIC will involve additional actor target groups. These were identified in envisage-cc as key players in mainstreaming climate change appropriately in large-scale infrastructure planning subject to EIA. In an actors-based approach, SPECIFC will actively integrate project developers, environ-mental authorities and consultants (EIA assessors/ practitioners).

Dialogue with project developers (within envisage-cc) revealed that the main impacts on projects and project environments due to climate change are recognised at a very abstract level, yet the transfer of this knowledge to the regional and even local planning context still remains a challenge for the different stakeholders involved. Thus, further transdisciplinary knowledge transfer is necessary, as well as additional support for project developers, environmental consultants and public authorities, to consider climate change impacts which have been examined within scientific literature. SPECIFIC will address the challenges and will deal with (and communicate) the uncertainties regarding the incorporation of climate change issues into the development of large-scale infrastructure projects.
Climate change; Nature conservation; Landscape planning;
Large scale infrastructure projects; Climate Change adaptation; Impacts of climate change; Strategic Environmental Assessment; Environmental Impact Assessment;
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