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The impact of COVID19 on consumer food safety perception in Kosovo and Albania – an international comparison with developed countries

Project Leader
Haas Rainer, Project Leader
HERAS - Higher Education, Research and Applied Science in Kosovo
Type of Research
Applied Research
Meixner Oliver, Project Staff
Pichlbauer Manfred, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute for Marketing & Innovation
Funded by
Austrian Development Agency (ADA), Zelinkagasse , 1010 Wien, Austria
The main objective of this research is to assess the impact of COVID19 on consumer food safety perception with emphasis on safety and country of origin of meat and other livestock products.
The core questions in this regard are:
- How does the COVID19 impact consumer food safety perception in Kosovo, Albania and Austria?
- Does the COVID19 increase the consumers’ perceived risk on food (meat and meat products)?
- Does the COVID19 decrease consumers’ risk attitude? If yes, how does such decrease vary by socio-demographic factors?
- Is the price attribute relatively more important to consumers who are more affected the COVID19 pandemic?
Although the focus of the empirical research (surveys) will be on Kosovo and Albania, comparison with more developed countries such as Austria and the USA will be done.
Animal Breeding, Animal Production; Meat hygiene; Meat production; Food testing; Animal husbandry; Agricultural economics;
Albanien; meat; consumer behavior; Kosovo; Food Safety;
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