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Optimization of the Weir Operation Order of the Klauswehr at Lake Mondsee - Feasibility Study

Project Leader
Habersack Helmut, Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
Preiml Max, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Hydrology and Watermanagement
Institute of Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and River Research
Optimization of the water level dynamics of the lake Mondsee - hydrological considerations (MondHyd_II)
Funded by
Wasserverband Mondseeklause, Marktplatz 14, 5310 Mondsee, Austria
The water level of the lake Mondsee and the discharge at the outlet reach Seeache ist regulated by a weir (Klauswehr). The regulation order of the weir affects various user interests including e.g. local residents, fisheries, tourism, shipping or power plant operators. The feasibility study 2018 (Project Phase I) showed that short-term precipitation forecasts are not able to improve the flood risk effectively. A hydraulic assessment indicated that the discharge capacity of the Mondsee outlet reach is not sufficient to lower the water level of the Mondsee in advance for flood mitigation purposes. After the dredging of the channel between the lake and the weir in 2021, the potentials of advance lowering and improved control of the weir are to be examined again.
The objectives of the current project (Phase II) are to (1) find out, if a seasonally differentiated weir operating regime can improve the situation - taking into account all stakeholder interests; (2) determine the actual and potential discharge regarding to the weir flap position and headwater conditions for a new or adjusted weir operating regime; (3) optimize the weir-stage relationship according to the requirements of involved stakeholders. The planned investigations also include structural adaptation possibilities (lowering of the weir flap, discharge improvement of the outlet reach). Finally, it will be examined to what extent a water balance model or gauge data can contribute to an improved weir operation regime (4). The overall goal is to prepare documents for an optimized weir operating order for the Mondsee based on new findings from the investigation and water balance modeling.
Numerical mathematics ; Optimisation; Computer simulation; Hydrology; Water resources; Hydraulic engineering; Water management;
Flood Risk Management; Hydraulic modeling; Reservoir Operation; Water Management; Weir Hydraulics;
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