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Schwartz-Zimmermann, HE; Binder, SB; Hametner, C; Miro-Abella, E; Schwarz, C; Michlmayr, H; Reiterer, N; Labudova, S; Adam, G; Berthiller, F.
(2019): Metabolism of nivalenol and nivalenol-3-glucoside in rats
TOXICOL LETT. 2019; 306: 43-52. FullText FullText_BOKU

Plant-derived mycotoxin conjugates like deoxynivalenol-3-glucoside can be partly hydrolyzed to their aglycones in vivo, albeit to different extent depending on the mycotoxin conjugate and on the animal species. The aim of this work was to investigate the metabolization of the trichothecene mycotoxin nivalenol (NIV) and the fate of its modified form NIV-3-glucoside (NIV3G) in rats. To that end, 350 mu g/kg body weight of NIV and the equimolar dose of NIV3G were administered to six rats by gavage in a 5 x 6 design and excreta were collected for 2 days after each treatment. For further analysis of NIV and NIV3G metabolites in rat urine and feces, seven novel NIV- and NIV3G metabolites including NIV sulfonates (NIVS) 1, 2 and 3, deepoxy-NIV (DNIV), DNIV sulfonate 2, NIV3G sulfonate (NIV3GS) 2 and NIV-3-glucuronide were produced, isolated and characterized. Subsequently, LC-MS/MS based methods for determination of NIV, NIV3G and their metabolites in excreta samples were developed, validated and applied. The biological recoveries of administered toxins in the form of their fecal and urinary metabolites were 57 +/- 21% for NIV and 94 +/- 36% for NIV3G. The majority of NIV and NIV3G metabolites was excreted into feces, with DNIV and NIVS 2 as major NIV metabolites and NIV3GS 2 and DNIV as major metabolites of NIV3G. Only 1.5% of the administered NIV3G was recovered in urine, with NIV3G itself as major urinary metabolite. The biological recovery of free NIV in urine was approximately 30 times lower after treatment with NIV3G than after administration of NIV, indicating that exposure of rats to NIV3G results in lower toxicity than exposure to NIV.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Adam Gerhard
Berthiller Franz
Binder Sabina Barbara
Michlmayr Herbert
Reiterer Nicole
Schwartz-Zimmermann Heidi Elisabeth
Schwarz Christiane

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