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Selected Publication:

Andreev I., Denton H., Heindler M., Hofer P., Karwat H., Kastchiev G., Kohlbeck F., Kromp W., Kromp-Kolb H., Lahodynsky R., Madonna A., Meyer N., Seidelberger E., Sholly S., Tweer I., Weimann G., Wüstenberg H..
(2001): Austrian Technical Position Paper on Safety Aspects of Temelín Nuclear Power Plant. In: Molin, A. (Head of Delegation), Temelin Trialogue, Expert Mission with trilateral participation according to chapter IV of the PROTOCOL of the negotiations between the Czech and the Austrian Government led by Prime Minister Zeman and Federal Chancellor Schüssel with the participation of Commissioner Verheugen (Melk Protocol)
Federal Ministry of Environment, Youth and Family, 176

Authors BOKU Wien:
Andreev Iouli
Kastchiev Gueorgui
Kromp Wolfgang
Kromp-Kolb Helga
Lahodynsky Roman
Seidelberger Emmerich
Sholly Steven

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