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Mencin, M; Abramovic, H; Vidrih, R; Schreiner, M.
(2020): Acrylamide levels in food products on the Slovenian market
FOOD CONTROL. 2020; 114, 107267 FullText FullText_BOKU

This short communication reports on exposure of Slovenian adult population to acrylamide. For food products from five food categories on the Slovenian market, the acrylamide levels ranged from 20.5 mu g/kg to 3439.4 mu g/kg, and varied considerably between the single food products within each food category. The highest mean acrylamide level was in the category of 'salted snacks' (858.6 mu g/kg), followed by 'biscuits and wafers' (384.5 mu g/kg), 'breakfast cereals' (288.9 mu g/kg), 'coffee' (185.5 mu g/kg) and 'toast and bread' (134.8 mu g/kg). Roast coffee (151.4-237.8 mu g/kg) did not exceed the benchmark levels proposed by the European Commission. These levels were exceeded by 86% for 'toast and bread', by 80% for 'breakfast cereals', by 57% for 'biscuits and wafers', and by 31% for 'salted snacks'.
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Schreiner Matthias

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