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Arman, ABB; Krausmann, F; Hossain, MM; Sujauddin, M.
(2023): The evolution of biomass flows in Bangladesh (1961-2019): Providing insights for Bangladesh's transition to a sustainable circular bioeconomy
J IND ECOL. 2023; 27(1): 71-83. FullText FullText_BOKU

The transition toward a circular bioeconomy requires policy directives based on comprehensive research on biomass in the context of region-specific economic, societal, and environmental realities. Bangladesh, a densely populated country with an agrarian economy morphing rapidly into an industrial one, needs a critical evaluation of its biomass metabolism to enable local and global policy stakeholders in setting rational biomass-associated targets with policy pushes to achieve them. This article addresses the apparent research gap in the bioeconomy aspiration of Bangladesh by applying a systems perspective to quantify the extraction and use of biomass through economy-wide material flow analysis. The results indicate a twofold increase in domestic extraction of biomass in Bangladesh between 1961 and 2019. Bangladesh shows one of the highest rates of biomass extraction worldwide-a staggering 13 t/ha in 2019. Although the import dependency (currently at 9% of domestic material input) and consumption of animal products (4% of total calorie supply in 2018) in the country are comparatively low, both are increasing at scale. A further increase in the demand for food, in particular animal products, is evident from trends in population growth and dietary change. Apparently, the scope to expand the production of primary biomass for material and energy application seems limited. Rather, as the outcomes of this paper entail, circular bioeconomy strategies for Bangladesh should focus on creating a resilient and sustainable food system, reducing waste flows, cascadic use of crop residues, and so on, taking trade-offs between ecological, social, and economic goals into account.
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Krausmann Fridolin

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