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Marques, AF; Rosset, C; Rasinmaki, J; Vacik, H; Gordon, S; Nobre, S; Falcao, A; Weber, D; Granitzer, M; Eriksson, LO.
(2014): Collaborative development of a semantic wiki on forest management decision support
SCAND J FOREST RES. 2014; 29: 30-43. FullText FullText_BOKU

Semantic wikis support collaboratively editing, categorising, interlinking and retrieving web pages for a group of experts working in a certain domain. The use of semantic technologies allows the expression of wiki content in a more structured way, which increases its potential use. This contribution presents an overview of the development process towards a semantic wiki related to a repository of forest decision support systems, including models, methods and data used, as well as case studies and lessons learned. An international group of experts took part in the conceptualisation of the semantic wiki (i.e. identification of wiki properties and forms), provided content and developed queries to analyse the information gathered. The resulting ForestDSS wiki gives an overview of the current use, development and application of forest decision support systems worldwide. Based on the experiences gathered during the process, some challenges are reported and conclusions on further developments are made.
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Vacik Harald
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