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Marlene Mellauner (2020): Radfahren macht Schule –Kinder am Weg zu aktiverund selbstständigerMobilität Landschaftsplanerische BetrachtungderRahmenbedingungenund Maßnahmenentwicklung am Beispiel des Hernalser Gymnasiums Geblergasse in Wien Hernals.
Doctoral Thesis - Institut für Landschaftsplanung (ILAP), BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 280. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
Cycling as an active and independent form of mobility with its numerous advantages is increasingly becoming the focus of various disciplines. Yet, the proportion of bicycle traffic in everyday life, especially among children and adolescents, is only slowly increasing. In order to examine and improve the conditions for independent cycling for children aged ten years and older in the city of Vienna, this study in the field of landscape planning investigates the significance of cycling as an active and independent form of mobility for children (1) in spatial planning and (2) in cycling education. In addition, the study explores the question of (3) how everyday cycling of children can be promoted on these two levels. Based on the case study of the Hernalser Gymnasium Geblergasse (1), a mix of empirical methods is used to examine both the built environment and students’ and their parents’ attitudes regarding independent cycling on the way to school. Moreover, the study examines the possibilities of cycling education for children in Vienna (2) and subsequently uses an action research approach to develop a concept for exploring the way to school by bicycle (3). The results show that cycling as an active and independent form of mobility for children is hardly taken into account both (1) in spatial planning and (2) in cycling education. The concept "Schulweg-Erfahrung mit dem Rad" (3) was developed in the context of the dissertation together with the cycling school Schulterblick. Using a multi-stage process the concept introduces children together with their parents to unaccompanied cycling on the way to school. Additionally, it reveals planning potentials and obstacles for children’s independent cycling on site. In order for children to be actively and independently mobile by bicycle, inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation is needed that conceives children's independent cycling as a social norm, enables the acquisition of cycling skills and creates biking opportunities.

Betreuer: Damyanovic Doris
1. Berater: Schneider Gerda

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