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Wall Inventory Dreiklang and Wall Inventory Tschagguns

Project Leader
Drexel Anna Maria, Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
Leitner Christina, Project Staff (bis 31.01.2013)
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Soil Bioengineering and Landscape Construction
Funded by
State of Vorarlberg, Römerstraße 15, 6901 Bregenz, Austria
Wall Inventory Dreiklang and Tschagguns

Objectives of the project
The outline of the research project “Wall Inventory Vorarlberg” during the period 2011/12 is:
» Wall Inventory Tschagguns and
» Wall Inventory Dreiklang.

The aims of the project are the research and documentation as well as the preservation and the maintenance of historical natural stone walls in municipalities of Vorarlberg. Small structures like natural stone walls are a characteristic element of manifold cultural landscapes. They are evidence of the management and social history of a region as well as of the construction trade, craft knowledge and skills of their builders. Therefore the focus lies in the documentation of construction and inventory of the walls in the municipalities, an analysis of the cultural landscape and detailed source research in order to classify their age and value. Further main emphases are development goals and measure concepts for handling the historical elements of cultural landscapes. Planning and organizing an implementation project and carrying out the reconstruction of one of the researched Objects, is part of the project as well.
Montafon is a valley with a characteristic structure of possession and administration, which had an impact on the development of walls in this region. In terms of the Wall Inventory Tschagguns central concern is to be given to research for the origin the big number of natural stone walls in the alpine areas of the municipality.
The Wall Inventory Dreiklang is located in the landform of the municipalities Röns, Düns and Schnifis in the valley Walgau. Since they share a very old history of infrastructure and husbandry, the landscape is rich in traces of for example their common viticultural history. The focus lies on the inventory of still existing witnesses of husbandry in the landform of the Dreiklang municipalities. Also the common history of viticulture and landuse is to be investigated.

Based on the object and source research, recommendations how to handle the objects are derived. The Inventory sheets contain construction documentations, which are to be seen as the basis for the implementation of recommended measures by the municipality. Preservation and maintenance of the natural stone walls are going to be started. Implementation projects are carried out, based on the required knowledge.

Benefits of the project
The project is intended to contribute to a respectful, professional and foresighted dealing with cultural heritage in cultural landscapes and settlement areas. In addition to the inventory of preserved historical natural stone walls, particular attention is given to historical wall construction methods and the future maintaining and renewing measures.
During the project maintenance or reconstruction for one of the historic objects will be planned. With the help of a professional, the municipality will put this implementation project into reality. This is supposed to build the foundation for maintaining regional Know-How in terms of craft knowledge and skills to build natural stone walls and encourage to following maintenance projects.
construction research; technological history; Knowledge management; Sustainable development, sustainable economics; Cultural landscape research; regional history;
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